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How can hypnosis help me?

Hypnosis is deep relaxation of the body along with an elevated state of mental awareness. Through the use of imagery, verbal repetition, and healing language, hypnosis bypasses the critical mind, and in doing so, increases the mind’s openness to positive change through the power of suggestion.

This process helps create new neural pathways that allow for unwanted behaviors to be more effortlessly overcome. When the positive suggestions given in hypnosis take root, you simply respond to triggers differently.

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety, or the need to make big changes in your life?

Rapid, powerful changes often occur during hypnosis due to changes made to subconscious beliefs, habits, and associations.

Because I work with a wide range of conditions, I tailor each session to your unique needs to achieve positive outcomes. My areas of expertise include releasing stress and increasing self-esteem.

My hypnosis sessions focus on where you are now vs. how you want your future to look.

I will help you set specific, concrete, and realistic goals for the future, and use hypnosis to enhance the solution work.

I believe you have the strength and resources you need; I am simply a guide to help improve your ability to access them.

I graduated with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

Sessions are in-person or via Zoom, and last 60-90 min.
Hypnosis is a solution-based approach that helps you release negative thought and behavior patterns, gain confidence, and reach your full potential.

Hypnosis helps:

  • Relieve Anxiety and Stress
  • Improve Sleep and Relaxation
  • Increase Self-esteem
  • Gain Clarity, Confidence and Motivation
  • Quit Smoking
  • Release Negative Thoughts, Beliefs, and Emotions
  • Overcome Cravings
  • Break Habits
Call or text 903-821-3183 for a free consultation.

Group sessions available on-site and off site.

402 W Lamar St #106, Sherman, TX 75090