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Hypnosis for Healing

Hypnosis is a powerful tool used to overcome unwanted habits, release negativity, and gain confidence as you become a healthier, happier you.

During your session, you will be guided on an inner journey where you will gain greater awareness of your inner resources, discover how to release emotional blocks, and uncover the gifts within you as you begin to realize your goals.

Whether your session is in-person or virtual, you will relax while listening to my voice as I guide you into Alpha-Theta brainwave states that allow the mind to be more receptive, and for the body to align with your desire for positive change.

Frequently Asked Questions

The truth is we’re all better at hypnosis than we think we are, though may not recognize it when it naturally occurs.
The state of hypnosis is closely related to the hypnoidal stage of sleep we pass through every time we fall asleep, a profoundly relaxed state that happens to be conducive to learning.
Like that twilight stage between waking and sleep, hypnosis is simply a focused yet relaxed state that helps you move beyond issues that get you tripped up.
Sometimes it works when everything else fails.
Hypnosis is like opening a door between the two parts of your mind.
Because the brain wants to make sense of things, when something happens, the thinking part of our mind dips into those old emotional files for answers.
You can see how this creates problems!
This is why we react in the same old ways even when we know better.
Here’s an example.
Say you were bitten by a dog as a youngster.
Your emotional mind begins repeating the idea: dog = threat.
Without reprocessing that original event, your heart may race. You may want to run.
Now let’s say one day, you recognize that there’s no actual threat.
But you’re left with the same old physiological response.
Hypnosis activates the same part of your mind which allows that old emotional file be deleted and replaced.
After this occurs you “awaken” with relief that comes in the form of  new perspectives, beliefs, and behaviors.
Dogs no longer cause your heart to race and make you want to run.
Which brings peace.
May not be as entertaining as what you see from stage hypnotists…
but this is the kind of hypnosis that changes lives for the better.
And best of all, it’s an enjoyable experience!

Hypnosis is a tool used to create a deeply relaxed state in which people release negative thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs with greater ease. The state of hypnosis involves heightened senses and increased receptivity to positive goals.

No! As a hypnotherapist, I can’t make you do anything. Hypnosis is a participatory process. You can’t be hypnotized unless you want to be.

By getting the subconscious mind on board with your conscious desires so that you can become unstuck, make positive changes, and reach your desired potential.

Anyone who feels motivated towards a goal but needs help getting there. Even if the goal is to simply be more motivated. In hypnotherapy, the goal is greater congruence between desired goals and behaviors.